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We pride ourselves in having one of the best in-house diagnostic laboratories this side of Kansas! See our full list of diagnostic services below. 


In-house diagnostics are critical in the management and treatment of disease and illness in our pets. Our in-house capabilities allow us to receive results during your pet's appointment! That way we can prescribe new medications they may need, or make changes to prior medications PRIOR to your pet's discharge. No more waiting for results and no more waiting for medication refills!

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Serum Biochemistry

  • Heartworm Testing

  • FIV/FeLV Testing

  • Parvo Virus Testing

  • PT/PTT (Clotting Times)

  • PCV/TP (Packed Cell Volume/Total Protein)

  • Thyroid and Cholesterol Panel

  • Phenobarbital Levels

  • Blood Glucose Testing

  • Blood Ketone Testing

  • Auto-agglutination Testing

  • RBC and Platelet Morphology

  • Blood Parasite Testing

  • Skin Scrapes and Skin Tape Testing

  • Urinalysis

  • Fecal Analysis

  • Giardia Testing

  • Ear Cytology

  • Fine Need Aspirates

  • Radiographs (X-rays)

  • Ultrasonography

  • Ultrasound guided FNA's

  • Fluid Analysis

  • Renography

  • Reproductive Cytology

  • Barium Studies

  • Imagyst Cytology 

(For ANY cytologies to be digitally sent off and reviewed by a board certified pathologist with same-day results)

We also offer a variety of outside laboratory testing including (but not limited to)
Brucellosis testing, Equine Coggins testing, Histopatholgy, Culture and Susceptibility testing, Cushing's and Addison's testing, Histoplasmosis testing, Canine/Feline Respiratory Panels, Canine/Feline Gastrointestinal Panels, Avian Chlamydia testing and so much more!




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1775 W 4th St

Colby, KS 67701

Tel:  (785) 460-1078


Tuesday 8-7pm

Wednesday Friday 8-5pm

Saturday 8-12pm

Sunday Closed

Monday Closed

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